Ita - Eng 
Our company SILD srl has been producing hard metal for any application since the fifties. We are specialized in the manufacture of rollers, tips, tips for reamers, inserts and subinserts, cores matrixes for extruders, matrixes for drawing destined to bolt manufacturers, drills for marble and concrete, prismes for mining drills, nozzles for sandblasting, guide bushes for textile industry, anti-wearing parts, knives for textile and ceramic industries.

In general, we are able to manufacture special products according to Customer’s drawing.

Our activity started in Verghera di Samarate, via Mottarone. In May 2002, the production has been transferred to the new works in Ferno, via Adige, but the mixing department has been kept in Verghera di Samarate.

The installations have been renewed and modernized thanks to this move which gave us aslo the possibility to obtain a better efficiency and functionality in the production.

This situation, together with our very long experience, allows us to meet Customer’s needs and requests.